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While growing up, I used to be this super slim girl with super thin legs. It obviously wasn’t a problem then, since all my body was in alignment and proportional in size. But as I grew older and those curves started coming out, my thin legs never increased; it just wasn’t proportional to my upper region. I became the mock of my friends as they usually laugh at my thin legs compared to the rest of my body.

I’ve often said fashion accommodates all body types including your so-called called flaws. This made me to always look out for fashion styles that can help hide my thin legs as everybody got one part of their body or flaws we’d rather keep to ourselves than expose it to the world. If you are like me and don’t like your legs, here are some helpful tips on the fashion styles to help dress your legs I discovered while surfing without resorting to jeans.

  • Opt for A line Midi Skirt: A-line skirts and dresses are perfect for concealing thighs and knees. Just to make sure your legs are hidden well, go for the midi that hit closer to the ankle than the middle calf.


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  • A Belted Maxi Dress: Opt for the only cloth with some slacks but not being too flattering, the maxi dress. Belt it up to draw in a slim waist while still covering your legs and keeping it all airy.


  • Embrace the Wide legs: For this season, we can never get enough of the wide legs. A pair of loose and flowy pants will not only be breezy and chic but it will also cover the legs.


  • Consider Culottes: A favourite of mine is the culottes and it’s just for the basic reason; it’s doesn’t stop at the middle calf but hit closer to the ankles just like the midi skirt.


  • Draw attention to the top: Draw attention to your top or upper region with a statement necklace or an eye-catching top or kimono.


  • Go for long tops: Balance out the proportions with a long tunic top especially if you are sticking to leggings or skinny trousers.


Share with us in the comment box what part of your body you don’t like and how you style it.

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