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After a very successful and fun wedding event comes a much better time-out to relax and enjoy yourselves before life creeps in. There comes the time of honeymoon which is usually a time to go enjoy a trip to a beautiful destination for  much more relaxed time. Going on a honeymoon is probably one of the only times in life where everyone encourages you to take a long trip. It is an opportunity to take full advantage of. When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, you can never be too prepared. Take too little, and you end up buying what you didn’t bring.

When packing for your honeymoon it is important to have a check list in addition to a few little secrets that make your wardrobe go further without bursting out of your bag but remember your packing list is to a greater extent determined by where you are headed for a relaxed fun time. You’ll want to select clothing that you can be comfortable in for sightseeing , dining at a fancy restaurant, or enjoying the theater or evening activities while honeymooning. Don’t know where to start when it comes to packing for your honeymoon? Before you spend hard-earned cash on a brand-new vacation wardrobe and whether your honeymoon takes you cruise, beaches, islands, mountains, wonders of the world or various ports on a cruise, here is a list of things you’ll actually use.

  • Bathing suits

Find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable with the body you have; be it a bikini or one piece. Do get something that’s a little adjustable, so it won’t fall off if you do actually drop a few pounds.


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  • Pack Clothes With Layers in Mind

You’ll need pieces that you can easily shed or add on as temperatures rise or drop. Pack a variety of different tops; tanks, short-sleeved shirts, and long sleeved-shirts, as well as a nice pullover or two. A lovely jacket that will look good with day and evening wear. But this all depends on the weather of your honeymoon destination.

  • Lingerie

A few pretty, breezy lingerie pieces, and all your sexiest pairs of underwears are good lingerie to pack. Likewise pack a few nighties and chemises that will easily translate from sexy time to sleep time with bra and panty pairings that are saucy enough for a little night-time exhibitionism, yet comfy enough for day-long wear.


  • Bags

Pack a weatherproof tote with lots of practical pockets and zipped compartments that is suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. A bag that’s just as practical as a fanny pack but way more stylish is one essential you’d need for your honeymoon.


  • Shoes

Pack your favorite pair of shoes that you already own. Limit yourself to shoes that are comfortable for both formal and casual looks. Remember to pre-break your shoes before your honeymoon trip so as to ensure they will not causing you any more discomfort.


What are your tried-and-true travel necessities? Share with us in the comment box

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