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Is there any country that’s better than Nigeria? Is there any fabric that beats the Ankara fabric? Well your answers are all yours but I believe that this country is such a wonderful place and the Ankara material is such a wonderful fabric. Whether you would like to agree with me or not would be tested at the end of this post.

Having grown up in this country, I’ve been a witness to how much we’ve tried to grow our fashion industry, although the Ankara fabric has always been available on a daily, the styles and texture has always been limited.

Someone once asked, what makes the Ankara fabric African? Now I know that there are a lot of you out there that do not understand and thus I would break it down simple; first the quote summarize why Ankara fashion is so important:

“Fashion is art and culture and history and everything that I love combined”

For us Nigerians, the Ankara is a representation of our cultural motifs, the patterns and designs are something that represents some of the images from the past, reminding us of our art and history.

In the old times this patterns were only died on plain cotton fabric, this was mainly because other fabrics like chiffon or silk were a bit uncomfortable because of our whether condition, however styles have changed and now we can rock the chiffon and silk fabric without much ado.

This new situation prompted many fashion forward thinkers to use the representation on silk and chiffon fabric; one of this thinkers is the garment factory, while Ankara fabric mad of cotton is available, options like silk and chiffon with the same motifs, patterns and designs are also readily on hand.

Lets check out this fabulous Ankara styles from the garment factory;


Hello World






The garment factory is a proof of what the new generation can achieve….

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