Native wear, traditional wear, native attire, aso ebi or native outfit whatever you want to call it is mostly common to Africa and Asia with a clear disparity between the styles of the two continents. So to be precise in this post we are talking about the Native-African attire for men. The clothe of the people have always been native to us, the difference was in the style, the cut and the decor – while Caucasians referred to their shirt and pants and all those other velvety attachments lwe had our Kaftan and Agbada. These trend overtime has grown more refined as we have evolved as a people, now there is a modern touch and twist to the native wears. However as much as we have evolved, sewing as a skill is only limited to those designers and tailors who are well skilled, in other words there are still situations where you need to know the rules to be able to get the best out of your style.

Some of the general men’s native wear rules include the following;

  • Your native trouser length should be reaching the top of your shoe and not sweeping the ground(unless that’s a fashion statement you are trying to make).
  • Accessorize your native wears with lapels, pins and cuff-links to add to the swag.

Here’s a look at how the famous people do it;


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These native wears for men are definitely what you need. The industries tidal fashion style has changed and you have to change along with it. These styles definitely tell you what the new native wears for men trend is.

Be Inspired!

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