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When I first saw the beauty blender, I figured why would a foam be so pronounced and so pricey, it is after all a foam. So I stared clear of it, in my Wendy’s voice “its a mess, the whole hype” that’s what I assumed. The beauty blender is not the holy grail of products as some people make it out to be but its better than real techniques complexion sponge.


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The beauty blender is much more firmer and still it provides the same bounce as real techniques, it absorbs as much product but it disperses the product on the face much more evenly. For one, using the beauty blender with foundation gives off a sheer finish most people like, for those who prefer a matte finish, its better to use your brush first then smoothen out with the beauty blender.

The beauty blender is good for applying concealer, it soaks in the products and bounces it off the skin, it leaves the concealer filling light under the eye while giving it good coverage. This makes it a far better use than the concealer brush.

So what is the truth about the beauty blender?

At the end of the day, you realize that the blender is way better than the real technique sponge, so the hype isn’t far off after all. Although the run out and grab your quickly term is a bit stretched, still its something you wouldn’t mind splurging on if you are the type that loves a flawless finish.

Do you use the beauty blender? what do you think of it? share your experiences in the comment section below.

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