All guys are the same and always want the same things irrespective of whether they are rich, poor, old, saints or sinners. I have listened to many guys talk about the kind of woman they want and this top three things have never been missing from the list of things. Though, you would be shocked at what the three things are but there are things a woman needs to keep a man and maintain a healthy relationship. Here are the top three things on every single guy want list;


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1. A girl who is cool, calm and composed

Guys always think that by dating a girl that is calm, cool and composed they have successfully dodge dating a nagging woman and that is the worst kind of woman a guy would want to go out with. Ladies you can fake it if you have to but don’t show him your fiery, aggressive, sarcastic or smarty side because that will leave you single in a rush.

2. A hot girl

Being hot means, a cute face, broad breats, killer curves and shapely ass. Guys do not care if you have a heart of gold beneath the rubble, if they don’t see a hot girl they won’t even begin to explore your inner beauty so you should always forget the myth of natural beauty and make sure you are on fleek every single time, get the right packaging because this men are everywhere.

3. A girl who is stylish, well spoken and well mannered

Ladies throw your pride out of the window, there is no room to celebrate because a woman that a man is proud to show off even to his family and especially to their friends, they will always include she is down to earth. Men always wants a well mannered girl before they can even try to explore her crazy side between the layer.

What are the other things you know share with us in the comment section below.

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