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Truthfully I’ve never had the stinky feet issue but I know quite a number of people who have. I remember just recently I asked my House sister why she didn’t take her shoe off at work since she complains that her feet hurts everyday and then she said to me “I have stinky feet”, Although personally I feel she’s just overly conscious of this fact but still being overly conscious makes her so afraid that she would rather bear the pain than take off her shoes.


Hello World

Freshening your feet is much easier than you know and you can use what’s already in your bathroom cabinet;

Here’s what you’ll need;

1 cup of Listerine (people that are light with smelly feet should try using the original gold version so that you can avoid having your feet turn blue). 2 cups warm water and a big bowl your feet can fit into.

How you’ll do it;

Mix the 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of Listerine into the bowl  and then soak your feet into the bowl for 15 t0 20 minutes, pat and dry. Please stir clear of this remedy if you have cuts, you can start once your injuries have heeled properly.

The reason why this remedy works;

According to doctors, the ethanol and benzoic acid helps kill germs bacteria and fungi including the fungi that can lead to athlete’s feet.

This is the surprising way to solve your stinky feet issue, try this out and give us feed backs. Leave your feed back in the comment box below.

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