Phone Screen Smudge can be really annoying, especially when you have something to brag about. Take for example you had a fabulous time over the weekend and you took loads of pictures in the best scene and you couldn’t wait to show your friends at the office but you bring out your phone and somehow the smudges are just all over the phone screen, arrgh!!. Not to worry here’s how you can wipe the smudge and finger prints in no time;


Hello World

This is what you need: Scotch Tape.

This is what you do: Cut out a piece of scotch tape, then press and lift the tape off that smudges on your phone screen.

The reason it works: The adhesive found in a scotch tape literally lift the right off the screen of your phone making it look brand new (you know that shiny surface when you take off the protective nylon seal off your new phone)… Yeah it also takes off makeup smears, its got the job done.
Now, your phone looks amazing and your colleagues can stare at you strutting in your fabulous dress, and no one had to touch the yucky surface of your phone. Now everyone is happy.

What other ways do you use to get the smears and smudge off the screen of your phone? How do you protect the screen? Share your tips in the comment box below.

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