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If you are planing to get a long vacation this time and you feel like going for a long trip, you should think of making that trip less stressful for yourself by boarding a plane. While you are thinking of this, also consider the type of environment you are about to face. In all these, no excuse should be given for why you are not looking your best facially and skin-wise. I reckon our skin takes the most punishment at altitude while we travel.

Maintaining your skin while travelling has to be one of your most asked questions. Fortunately, with just a bit of planning, you can make those long hours in the air work for you and your skin.

Skin care

Skin care

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These are the skin care tips you need to know before getting on a plane;

1. Make removal: As soon as you board the plane, remove all of your makeup ideally with an oil cleanser so as to nourish at the same time as deep cleansing. If you choose to do this in your seat, you can use a micellar water on a cotton pad instead.

2. Nourishing with oil: Also apply a nourishing face oil over your face, neck, lips, eyes and cuticles to keep your skin moist and supple.

3. Drinking herbal tea and still water: Replace alcohol and coffee this time with herbal tea and still water. Also avoid the salty air-plane food because this only encourages puffiness and water retention. Apply a body oil that stimulates circulation if you are prone to swelling and fluid retention.

4. Rich cream or balm application before bedtime: Before sleeping, it is good to apply a rich night cream or balm to lock in moisture and protect your skin from the dry, air conditioned cabin air. This is recommended for a longer flight.

5. Getting some sleep: One super important tip for maintaining a great complexion is sleep. Therefore, take a good quality block out mask with silk or felt lining.

Just do these religiously before getting on a plane!

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