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In this day and age you wonder if there is office politics, don’t be surprised because there is. Office politics means work place inequality and its something we see all the time because traditionally many offices are homogeneous, there are only so many women in every department in a big official environment which makes navigation very difficult and tricky for women who find themselves in this type of environment.

Through development programs a lot of leading ladies have taking charge to groom and empower other female career women such as themselves. This is to help them see clearly and excel even where office politics have become a norm.


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The experiences women have in their work environment is ultimately a different experience than what the male counterparts have. The nature and dynamics in which the organisations runs was designed by the male founders, not that we are saying that that’s a bad thing, we have to admit that the men who built the organisations are smart geniuses but that’s not to say the structure doesn’t frustrate the female workers. In many offices, there is a strong presence of office inequality, sometimes its intentional other times it’s subconscious.

Now like every other problem, this one can be solved but you have to ask yourself this question’s “What are my strengths?” “What am I good at ?” when you do this you would be able to figure out how to add value to the organisation by looking closely at your strength and using this strength to make a difference or bring businesses into the organisation.

You also have to note the importance of having an office mentor, a form of career guide that would direct you to the right decisions. You also have to pay attention to networking opportunities that would certainly present itself. Remember to grab hold of the opportunity when it does come your way. Always improve your communications with people around you. Think about the bigger picture!

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