As a career woman it takes all of you to be able to make your life worth living, I know because I am constantly at a loss on how to make sure I don’t feel empty and too tired to do the things that I need to. For Years we’ve been told that balancing our work and life in general would give us a satisfied life but in all honesty this may be the problem rather than the solution.

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Rather than striving for a balance between life (friends, families, health etc.) and work (career) why not try to integrate it because experts have said trying to balance is causing more harm than good, here are the reasons why embracing imperfection rather than balance might just be what you need to live;

  1. Perfection is a myth and as women we strive to be the perfect mother, wife, leader, partner, friend etc I see this struggle every time and its really exhausting. In truth you  can never achieve that 50/50 balance that you want to because you would wear yourself out and it would come crumbling down like domino’s so you need to give yourself days off from all of this duties.
  2. Life and passion are connected, trying to separate them is what causes us to go on and off, for some people their passion is their work hence they enjoy it, its always exciting if you can fall in love with what you do so you don’t have to segment your life.
  3. Imbalance can lead to a favorable result, this is true because the more you try to achieve perfection in the life areas (work, sleep,family,friends and fitness) all at once the more you fail, doing it three at a time would get you a better result. you will be energized hence your life would yield better results.
  4. Focusing on whats present would help you to reduce the juggling you have to go through everyday, you can multi task and achieve a lot more but you shouldn’t do too much as you need to avoid depleting, so focusing on whats more important at the moment is all you need.
  5. You have to accept that life is not perfect therefore you accept the imbalance that way you are able to decipher what you want to take charge of. Don’t be deceived by people who seem to be perfect and they have it and have done it all this people have learnt to integrate rather then segment.

This is the secret to balancing your life and career do you agree?Have you changed the way you approach your life and career? How do you manage them and still have enough energy? we want to know your story so share it with us in the comment box below.

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