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Scarfs, have been a part of  mens clothing for more than two thousand years. In history it was  worn by some of our world leaders, the scarf, a piece of neck-wear has been worn around the neck of men for a long time coming. The scarf was used by only dignitaries or men in forces to show their ranks. Scarves are now an accent for men who choose them rather than a necessity t signify your rank in office or your class status. The man’s scarf has been placed as an item of daily business wear, there are different ranges of these scarfs from the white plain ones which was used in the time of old, to more colorful and patterned ones which is what you see in recent time.
So while using a scarf is a daily chore for some men, it is a constant and must do for others, it is also a tradition dating back to as far as the time of Christ. So tie a scarf on with confidence, having in mind that generations before you have done so, it can also enjoyed  for warmth, cleanliness and of course fashion.

Today, men wear scarves in various climate conditions, as both an accessory and protective layer during the cold months, and strictly as a fashionable accessory in warmer days. In fact, it’s not unusual to see men strolling  on a warm day, with a scarf added to their outfit. In addition, it’s perfectly normal to see a man rocking a colored scarf unlike the norm of only white scarf which was used in the old days. For most men, a single scarf is no longer the norm. Many men own multiple scarves in various colors, patterns and made from many different fashions and occasions.

long ash scarf

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long black scarf

Burberry pattern scarf

Brown scarf

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