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We all know that the Capri pants are really hard to spot, although many times they can come off looking really annoying and yet there’s no season you won’t find them in shops and stores, so perhaps there is a reason why the Capri pant are a fashion staple. Well indeed there are several reasons why the Capri pants never seem to go out of trend and these includes the fact that they keep you cool during the hot season, they are the perfect minimalist go to attire, they can be really elegant and trendy etc…

The Capri pants are in different lengths some are mid length and others are ankle length likewise we have Capri leggings and Capri jeans. Below are some rules you need to know when you choose to go the Capri pant way this week.

If you want a more official way to spot the Capri pant, then you can go for a full Capri pant suit, pair with a fitted tank top or tee shirt and roll of the sleeve for a better view.


Hello World

Capri pants always looks good once a blouse is tucked in, it helps to reduce the bulkiness of an ensemble and it also makes your legs look elongated. Throw on a chunky bracelet or neck-piece to give your ensemble vibe.


For a more vivacious approach go for a leather Capri pant, pair with a crop top for a more dazzling approach.


For a fun and funky approach go for colorful print Capri pant, pair with a body con tank top, statement jewelry and accessories.

forever 21 pants

Folake Kuye

For a business feel, go for a mild colored Capri pant and pair it with a shirt or a tank top and a blazer, keep the look easy with minimal jewelries and accessories.



For a much more elegant look go for an all white or a black and white approach, you can also go with a two tone mix, finishing off with minimal trimmings.


Ashley Madewke

For uniqueness, go for a plaid Capri pant suit, pair with a shirt a tank top or a tee shirt, add spark with simple but lovely jewelry piece and accessory.


Folake Huntoon

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What do you think about the capri pants? Are they trendy or not… Leave all comments in the comment box below.

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