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The black lipstick at a point was mostly used by the Gothic folks, biker females, runway models, rock starts or for Halloween but of cause that’s all in the past like many other things because the once gloomy makeup has gained a hold in the mainstream beauty. The black lipstick can be fun and exciting, so if you’ve ever wanted to try out the black lipstick but don’t know the proper way to do this? then here are some steps you should follow to have the final result looking perfect.



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1. There are different qualities of the black lipstick and of cause different brands, there are matte versions which is different from the drug store waxy crayons so make sure yo find the right black lipstick for you.

2. The dark lipstick has a tendency of emphasizing every corner of your mouth therefore you need to have a smooth canvas. Exfoliate your lips by using a gentle scrub or sugar to get rid of the dry skin then moisturize with a lip balm or coconut oil afterwards.

3. Dark lip require some tender loving care compared to the others, this helps it sty longer so either use a lip-liner (black ) to establish a canvas  or simple apply a little black with a brush on your lips, buff with a tissue till it looks like a stain then re-apply.

4. The temptation to play this look up would upstage your black lips so its best to stare clear of really loud eyes and coverage and go with something light and neutral. Everything should be classic and soft to create the perfect balance.

5. Your choice of an attire matters a lot so you won’t walk out looking like a Halloween monster of some sorts so bright colors like pink and neon really goes well. The nudes are not a bad deal either.

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