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I suddenly found love for lace closure recently and I was talking about it with a friend of mine when she shared her experience on the first few times she had it in and why she signed off on it for a long time. Now it turns out that the first few salons she went to have her hair fixed made a colossal mistake, now to this people it was an efficient way to have the lace closure fixed in but to my friend it was such a horrid way and this made her take out the hair earlier than intended. You see at this salons they attached an elastic band on the lace closure before fixing it on your hair, now this might work for only a few people but the aftermath is that it pulls off your hair and it gives you serious series of head aches and at the end of the day you have to take it out earlier than you should have to.

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She did find a salon that fixed in the closure properly without having to attach any elastic band whatsoever. My friend is most likely not the only one to have gone through horrid experiences when it comes to fixing in lace closure but there is a solution, if you have to go to a salon next time and you feel you need to show them the proper way to fix a lace closure then this video from YouTube channel Her Imports would give your hairstylist a complete and detailed rundown of how to fix in the lace frontal closure.

Source: YouTube Her Imports

Now am sure you’ve learnt something from here, now you can avoid head aches and hair loss by getting your lace closure sewn in like this, as you can see, it looks natural which is how you definitely want it to look like.

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