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There are so many articles on what to wear for a casual day out, what to wear to work and all that, but there aren’t enough that describe and cover what you can wear for a luncheon. The luncheon provides the perfect networking opportunity for personal and business meets therefore your dressing has to meet standard, it has to be proper and impeccable. A luncheon can happen during the week or the weekend and this requires a different style.

Some luncheon invitation provides the dress code while others don’t. If you have a luncheon invitation that doesn’t provide the dress code then a black dress is your safest and best bet, think about the event and dress accordingly. For accessories, low inch stiletto are absolutely perfect, colors to your black dress would go a long way in making your outfit stand out.

Find out what you can wear to the different luncheons below which have been broken into different categories:

1. Business Luncheons

Styles at a business luncheon usually fall in the formal and professional category, attires are always white-collar types which includes skirt suit, pant suits, formal gowns etc but you can style it up with pencil skirts, loose pants and cardigan without looking too different from the crowd. Remember that a business luncheon is the perfect place to network so have it in mind that you need to create a stylish yet professional impression. To finish off your look go with subtle gold jewelries and a sturdy handbag.

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2. Social Luncheons

There are several types of social luncheons from baby showers, graduation, book review, bridal showers etc. whatever social event that literally takes place in the afternoon basically so the attires worn to this function are mainly liberal, for some of this events like the baby or bridal shower there are dress codes that come with them but for others like the graduation ceremony the dress code falls under simple casual. Cute feminine dress, sandal heels, pop of colors etc are just perfect for social events.


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3. Charity

The theme for a charity luncheon is simplicity and modesty. The dress code for a charity event is usually business casual. It is important that attires worn to a charity luncheon remain conservative and minimal , prints, colors and patterns are welcomed but the clothing must be well put together and should not look overly loud and unusual. colorful accessories and jewelries are accepted as they add spark and life to the event.

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