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Every work place has a set of rules that extend to your nail polish and this makes a lot of us ignore our nail etiquette, asides from the fact that our nail has to be a certain length for work due to typing and general work rules, the color and designs matter a lot. When we have on really eye catching nail art over the weekend, depending on the way it looks we have to take it out before work on Monday because of the unspoken work rule called modesty.

A reserved organisation and an open organisation have opposite rules when it comes to fashion and style, below we display types of nail polish colors for certain work environment;

Conservative Work Environment

The type of work that goes on in such environment is sensitive and as such the nail polish has to be subtle and unnoticeable. Sometimes in such environments nail polish are not even allowed but if you really love to have your nails done then keep the nails well trimmed and filed and use manageable colors that go well on short nails and for artificial nails short squared nails looks less likely to chip and break which makes them the perfect choice.

These nail polish colors work well in a conservative office.



Hello World

Flexible Work Environment.

This type of work environment accepts creativity when it comes to accessories, there is a little leeway and that means you can play with colors and nail art, use this opportunity to go for colors that would make your eyes, skin tone or outfits pop but make sure you don’t over do it especially with colors like grey, green or blue.

Pop of Color

Pop of Color

 Expressive Work Environment

As the name applies this work environment allows personal creativity, there are no hold ups or hold backs when it comes to expressing ones personal style, so let loose and unleash your personal style without qualms, go for the really creative arts and jewel designs.

Expressive nail art and jewels

Nail art and Jewels

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