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The ghana braid hairstyle is beloved in this parts, its the hairstyle that you see on so many ladies outside and its hard not to fall in love. One thing I absolutely love about this hairstyle is the simple fact that it is “Versatile”. So if you once thought that there was only one detail to the ghana braid hairstyle then I suggest you think again.

Since there is a vast number of options it might become a bit cumbersome when you are trying to figure out what braid hairstyle you have to try out first. However you should remember that even with the vast lengths, width, size and technique, the ghana braid hairstyle is a superb look to pull off.

Here are 7 cool looks that we know you would love to try out;

1. Elements

A plait is always very attractive but you can always switch it up by accessorizing using golden beads as an ornament. Another way to make it interesting is by using dual colors for the plait; like black for the edge and gold for the end this would define your braids and make sure it doesn’t look like just another cornrow.



Hello World

2. Fish Bone

The creative braid styles are quite a lot, therefore its not surprising that the ghana braid hairstyle incorporates different widths, sizes and patterns to make one unique style like this fish bone design. This braid is definitely going to make you stand out.

Fish Bone

Fish Bone

3. Mohawk Braids

Mohawk can be made from just about anything and its quite interesting how the style looks good in a braid as well. The mohawk braid style looks good when gelled on the side, so take note to emphasize that when you try it out.



4. Asymetric Pigtail

The asymeric pigtail is one of the popular braid hairstyle, however because its widely known, using normal colors like brown and black would not help to pronounce the lovely details but using a gold attachment would do just that.



5. Whirlpool

The cuteness of this hairstyle is sometimes understated and its one of the braids hairstyle that you don’t get to see often. The beauty of the whirlpool braid hairstyle is that it looks great from every angle.



6. Shuku

Anyone that doesn’t know the shuku hairstyle has not been introduced to the world of braids, this is perharps the most favored ghana braid hairstyle ever and I do believe it is rightly so. However, there are different patterns and style you can look at so as to create something different like this thin and fat braids.



7. Not Plain

Usually there are only two braids in a pigtail howeer to make it more excited try exciting cuts and designs, this would remove that ordinary look it would otherwise have had.



These are 7 interesting braid hairstyle, and we are sure that you are absolutely in love with these looks already.

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