As a professional woman having meetings with potential clients, prospective investors, donors or other business professionals means that you have to represent because whatever impression you make would surely have something to do with the outcome of the meeting.

It is well known that the business world is quite competitive, therefore grabbing on to a business opportunity also means having to deal with the decision of choosing the appropriate outfit to wear. How you dress is critical in some industry, dressing safe i.e sporting the normal corporate attire in some of this industry would not be ideal although we must note that we do not want our outfit to upstage that of the person we are meeting.

Research is on hand when you have to meet people from a different location as you need to know what their society prefers. The basics are to maintain a proper hair do, keep the jewelry simple, combine a blazer with a smart skirt or pant, wear the appropriate perfume with a cool but powerful fragrance etc

As I’ve said above there are different standards of clothing for each industry and each type of meeting: Below I segregate them to give you a clear clue on each.

International Business Standard

Standard corporate attire is polished and professional, the normal pant or skirt suit for ladies is perfect, but a well tailored skirt, blouse and jacket is also acceptable.



Hello World

Stella Uzo



White Collar Industry

There are certain guidelines that must not be crossed in white collar industries, especially for the purpose of a business meeting, standard requirement include:

  1. Well tailored high quality clothing made from conservative colors like navy blue, dark grey black etc. are ideal. a well polished and sewn pant and skirt suits are welcomed as far as they are made from very good and comfortable materials.
  2. Loud patterns and colors must be avoided, cool colors and plaid and tweeds are your safest and best bet.
  3. The length of skirts and dresses are also critical, they should not be too short and overly revealing. if they have slits the slits must be an appropriate length.
  4. Other rules include: undergarments must not be revealing, blouses must be well tailored so that no cleavage would be revealed, shoes must be closed toe and their colors must coordinate with your attire.

Tracy Idirisu



Folake Kuye


Creative Industry

The standard in the creative industry is not conservative and safe, rather your attire must speak volume, it must come of as powerful and appealing. In this industry everything style is the opposite of what happens in a white- collar industry. There are no guidelines as to colors or patterns, lengths and height etc.


J crew Paris Pants


Business Casual

The meaning of Business casual differs in several companies, but the most acceptable corporate casual attire all around includes Capri pants, long shirts, jeans, blazers and so on. Make sure you project professionalism at all times.


Sharon Mundia

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