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The buzz around is the new method that seem to be coming to town which is the micro rings ( also known as micro loop) and coating method (also known as strand by strand) to fix hair extension. First I have to say, this is quite an old method (Very, Very old ). This method came into town a few years back but didn’t catch on but things have changed, we have evolved and we are trying on new things.


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If you are a hair person and you shop online you would notice separated hair extensions in some of this stores, well this weaves are either used with a micro ring or coating. The debate is whether this method of fixing weave is good for your hair or not, so am going to give you the pro’s and Cons and am also going to tell you how to maintain a healthy hair with micro rings (Note that I didn’t say coating because its not one of the best methods of fixing hair extension, it can be damaging).


Pro’s Of Using Micro Rings;

  1. Since you do not need to use glue, your hair would not be damaged by any tacky substance.
  2. They look natural, they can be dyed to your hair color and they elongate your hair.
  3. Its easy to remove and you can do it yourself.
  4. You can treat and wear the hair like its your natural hair: you can wash it, style it, dry it etc.
  5. This Extension can last up to three months before the need to adjust.

Con’s of using Micro Rings;

  1. This hair takes time and its labor intensive.
  2. The metal rings can be seen is you have a short hair so its best for medium and average length hair.
  3. If your hair is damaged and fragile then there is the risk of hair breakage.
  4. The time and the longevity it takes to insert it makes this very expensive.


  1. Before installing the rings, make sure your hair is washed and free of any oil, also avoid conditioning because this would hamper installation.
  2. After application, take care of your hair by shampooing and conditioning with products formulated for these type of hair.
  3. Be gentle when brushing your hair, always start from the tip and work your way forward.

I hope this would guide you and help in your decisions. Have you had micro rings or coating fixed in before. Share your experiences below.

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