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If you live on wigs like I do then there’s a beauty that’s attached to this lifestyle- The ability to switch up your look anyway you want to, anytime you want is one that leaves a smile on your face, trust me I know because it leaves a smile on my face.

Periodically, we might have to attend one function or the other, this way we would need hairstyle ideas… Now that we have all types and variety of wigs, we decided to bring you 7 images that would serve as a guide for the best hairstyle to go for; of cause this all depends on what type of function you would be attending.

Scroll through this images to find the hairstyle idea that best suits the function you would be attending;

Wedding Ceremony

A full frontal curly weave is a total must for weddings, your edges need to look snatched AF because you would be having the time of your life.


Hello World

Birthday Party (As Guest)

Well just because you are not the celebrant does not mean you shouldn’t pull out that wine wig… Besides the celebrant would be happy that you are representing on her B-day


Birthday Party (As Celebrant)

Grey– Whitish Grey whatever the case may be you should pop with colour on your birthday. Birthday girls have to shine, in my Rihanna voice “shine bright like a diamond”


Dinner Date 

The best part about wigs this day’s is that you have them in braids as well, so whether you go for a cornrow type braid or twist, braids bring out your face and makes you look younger.


Formal Dinner Function 

When you have a dinner function you should make sure that you look pristine so curly weaves as well as short shoulder length weaves are a good choice.



Sunday Church Celebration

Just because its Sunday, you have to turn up for the lord therefore you should take a cue from this look below;



These hairstyle ideas are lit!!! Don’t you think so? Tell us your favorite weave below.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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