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Because we plan so much and want the very best for that one special wedding day, we obviously want something we can always look back on to remember that day. This is where your wedding photo album comes into play. In this album we want all the beautiful moments captured through the lens and a wonderful gallery can serve as a way to entertains guests, so you want a very interesting array of photos. To have a good and interesting gallery, you definitely have to have certain photos taken that reflects the emotion of that particular moment and keeps it suspended in time for a long while. As you know how much we love weddings, we’ve decided to bring you the list of the must-have wedding photos every bride should have in her photo album;

  • The Dress: This is your one beautiful wearable piece of art that you might never get to wear again. A picture of your wedding gown hang can always jiggle good memories.                                                                                              
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  • Bridal Details: A picture of the small details such as the brooch, hair clips, jewelries are such good photos you can keep and you’ve got to love these photos.
  • Rings:  The beautiful symbol of your union should get a special shots of its own before it gets to the hands
    Wedding rings

    Wedding rings

  • The Accessories: Both for the groom and bride, a picture of the accessories laid out on the bed can show the way you’re been dressed up.
  • The Bouquet: A close picture of your bouquet will help you appreciate the very beauty of flowers you carried for that day. Also a picture of the bridesmaids’ bouquets will remind you of the fun you had with your girl team.


  • The Men’s Boutonniere: The bride shouldn’t get the whole attention. A close picture of the men’s boutonniere will help tell the story of your wedding.
  • The Bride and Groom: A shot of the bride and groom together is good but better shots of the bride alone walking down the stairs or with her father on the aisle or the groom laughing with his friends are usually lovely.
  • The decor of the Church and Reception: A shot of these two places will give you a view of the decor before the guest arrived.
  • Aerial shot of the guests: A beautiful aerial shot of the guests present will always trigger good memories of that great day.

So make your weddings as memorable as possible………….

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