Hey Awesome people,

Hope y’all had an amazing weekend? well I did and mine was filled with laughter because for some reason which I can’t seem to explain or understand I heard the worst pick up line of my life this weekend and it got me thinking a lot about pick up lines which brought about this article. I was to having a good time with my friends and this guy walks up to us asked with courtesy that he wanted to speak to me, I walked a few steps with him  to listen to what he had to say, he introduced himself and i did the same,then that was when he dropped the BOMB!! He goes ‘are you a parking ticket because you got fine written all over you’ not only did he say this he stared laughing at his joke (I guess he thought it was funny).. I chose to be quiet and gave him a stern look. Of cos he got embarrassed at his stupidity and excused himself. I headed back to meet my friends and trust me we had a good laugh about this one.

I have heard a lot about pick up lines, heard some awkward pick up lines too like ‘my love for you is like diarrhea because I cannot control it’, what does this even mean biko, diarrhea keh, another one that I do not understand is ‘do you have a corn field because am stalking you’ when I heard this I could not stop laughing for real? Brothers biko nu please have mercy with these your pick up lines ehn, you do not hit us with this kind of bomb and expect us not to crack up with laughter.

So guys  what are the worst pick up lines you have heard? or The best pickup lines you have heard? Lets get talking ladies and guys also what are the best pick up lines you have told a girl or the worst that you think you have ever said?

Hit the comment section and lets  get talking about this.

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