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There are only a few things more satisfying than having fabulous clothes and that’s food and love asides that we can easily say that shopping for the best clothes is a lifestyle. In a world where cute clothes can cost anywhere from 30,000 Naira and above, finding a satisfying dress or pants that is not only gorgeous but affordable is a YES! That’s why when we came across fashion model Michelle Okoro and the way in which she modeled Ankara pieces we ticked off all the boxes (affordable & fancy).

Despite the current economy, several fashion houses have compromised on cost standard, bringing forward fantastic Ankara styles that have been undeniably incredible however, what attracts us mostly to these Ankara styles is the human being modelling it and in this case we are crushing on Michelle Okoro.

The model brings life to the attires, making otherwise ordinary looking pieces posses a high end look that would get you rushing to the online fashion stores. If you needed some extra help, a little nudge or another reason to join the Ankara train then I believe that a few factors like affordability, beauty and model Michelle Okoro are inspirational enough to get you swooning and ready to SLAY in Ankara.

We can barely explain the feelings that we get just checking out images of styles modeled by Michelle but we know that these eye-catching Ankara styles are definitely worth buying or sewing (whatever floats your boat).

Much to our enjoyment here are fabulous and amazing Ankara styles modeled by The Michelle Okoro.

High Waist

Hello World

Flare Skirt



Maxi Dress

Two Piece

Mixed Print

Muse: Michelle Okoro

She’s definitely a reason to

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