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The joy of being a Christian can never be over emphasized, while we’ve spent the whole month reflecting on our lives and how it resonates with the saviour it is the time to celebrate the death and resurrection of the lord.

Christianity is about eternal life, a life in Christ and so while we must take time to check ourselves there’s also the need to be thankful and joyous all the time and that’s why you hear the words “it is well” used frequently.

It’s a belief that there is life, there is death and there is everlasting and that’s the reason why we are celebrating Easter. Easter is a period much like Christmas that reminds of to be grateful no matter where we are in life therefore it’s no surprise that a lot of people would have to sew or get something new for this celebration.

The celebration which starts on good Friday is one that a lot of people have planned and prepared for, it doesn’t matter whether or not the country is in one of its worse recession, it doesn’t matter whether or not their favourite bbnaija won the show, all of these things don’t matter what matters is the idea of love, compassion and unity and that’s what this Sunday is all about.

Now that you understand why you are celebrating, you’ve got to do it with style and I don’t means Sunday best. There are perfect church outfits for Easter Sunday and because I know a lot of you may find it difficult, I’ve decided that creating a gallery would help you best.

Let’s scroll down to take a look at the perfect church outfits for Easter shall we;

Elizabeth Keene

Hello World

Titi Adu


Karen All

Karen Kash Kane



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