As I entered the pharmacy store with 3 kids in tow, one on my back and the other 2 held firmly to my hands, i looked to know if my favorite Pharmacist was on duty. On seeing me she smiled and called out; Mrs Duru, hope you are good today. I feigned a smile and watched as the kids ran to hug her. She was happy to see Jidenna, my second son healthy and playing around. She ushered me into her office to get some feedback on how I was faring.

Hello World

Pharmacist Joke has been my confidant on health matters for four years, she was well aware that I was depressed as a result of my failure at child spacing. I love my children to the moon and back but no be so I take plan my life from the get-go. I am barely 26 years old, my husband and I got married just after I graduated, since then I haven’t been able to get a job or start my masters degree because I had been busy being pregnant. I had 3 kids in 4 years. My husband and I planned to have just 2 kids so that we could focus on our career and have enough to take care of our family, since we both grew up in families that had more children than they could cater for.

There is a saying that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans. In my case it was more of an ignorant thing. We decided on the natural family planning method which involved keeping track of my ovulation and avoiding intimacy on days preceding to my fertile day, but like they say “body no be firewood”. Mistakes happened again and again, that was how I birthed three kids within a space of four years.

Pharmacist Joke has been a pivotal part of my natural family planning education. I complained to her that this wasn’t working, she informed my husband and I on the benefits of modern contraceptive. When my husband noticed I was dwindling away, he somewhat agreed we try modern contraception.

Pharmacist Joke told us about the different methods of contraception and also referred us to Nurse Remi who told us even more.  She told us about a websitehttp://www.honeyandbanana.comwhere we could read more on contraception. I decided to go home to digest all the information and read more. I read through the contraception options on www.honeyandbanana.comand eventually opted forSayanaPress– the contraceptive injection with small needle. I liked the fact that it prevents pregnancy for 3months straight, and that I will be reminded to renew two weeks before it expires. I also learnt that while on Sayana Press, I might not see my period. This sounded like savings on pad money for me. Everything about Sayana Press was perfect for me. Also, I thought of how I wouldn’t have to  count dates anymore to decide on whether to sleep on same bed with my husband or sleep in my kids room. This was the method I resorted to after I got pregnant for my third child, while my second child was barely 6 months old.

The next day, I visited Nurse Remi to get Sayana Press. Nurse Remi injected Sayana Press into my thigh. It was almost painless compared to the usual injection. Since then my husband and I have been enjoying a happy sex life. We have sex freely almost everyday without worrying about the possibility of a pregnancy.

Today I am happier, healthier and a better wife and mother, majorly because of the Sayana Press MAGIC.

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