When we were kids we used to dream, as teenagers we dreamed and studied now that we are adults we set goals. Many of these goals are short term and others are long term one of the major long term goal is to get to the top. For entrepreneurs that’s quite easy because they become a boss at the very start and attaining the top needs patience, perseverance and hard work. But for others who want to achieve top executive positions in multinational companies then there is a different career move or skill that needs to be acquired.

When you are at the bottom and looking up at that coveted CEO position its hard to imagine being there one day but many people who have attained this position have made it known that, that reaction is quite normal the only difference that they made was break out of the norm.


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What does breaking out of the norm means? A friend once quit her job, this job was really enjoyable and it payed her well but she felt she wasn’t growing so she took a break and decided to move on to another territory where she for saw growth. Now you may wonder why would she do that when she’s comfortable? I thought about this for a while and then it hit me “Comfort”, being too comfortable in a place is the reason why others grow and some stay stagnant.

The one career move that the people who have attained and reached a high level took was not to be comfortable in their area’s, rather they worked across multiple departments. This singular act is what separates the wheat from the shaft, so asides from gathering MBA’s and PHD’s, cross functional work would help you earn benefits on par.


This career move is all you need, what do you think? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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