Being a bridesmaid is awesome and it is an honor to be chosen, the fact that you have the prospect of mingling with hot groomsmen is exciting. The opportunity of being on your girl’s side on the biggest day of her life is second to none with excitement, buzz and nervousness around her wedding day. Unless you are one of this unlucky ladies, here is when 9 different poor bridesmaids foresaw the end of the marriage from the very beginning; Their stories are lesson we could learn from:


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1. We all tried to warn her but she refused to listen: I am he oldest friend and I planned their wedding, this guy cheats with every woman he comes in contact with. He had even tried to get me to sleep with him the week before the wedding.

2. I knew their marriage was doomed from the beginning: The bride was my best friend and she was always going to the bar with single ladies, flirting with other guys. The night before her wedding, she told me she wants to pick up her phone charger that she had left at another guy’s house, I never said anything to her husband because I figured it wasn’t my place and he would eventually figure it out. He eventually did after a few years of marriage and a baby.

3. The groom was late to the rehearsal, forgot his vows, stood around talking constantly and not paying attention: The bride screamed at him “This is your third f**king marriage, don’t you know what you are doing? After the rehearsal was over, I privately asked the bride if she was sure she wanted to go through with the wedding and she responded that they have spent so much on the wedding already and it was too late. This couple divorced after a year.

4. I was supposed to be the maid of honor for my brother’s fiancee, then I found out from someone I was seeing that she was sleeping around: She found out and demoted me to a bridesmaid, then when I told my brother he told me he would take it with a grain of salt and she ended up kicking me out of the wedding completely even when I already bought the dress and she never repaid me. I kept my mouth shut even when I heard of her numerous atrocities but we are pretty relieve now because they are divorced.

5. It was so obvious, they fought on the night they got engaged: We knew it wasn’t her fiance she was talking to throughout her bachelorette party and the worst was at the wedding. He was so all over her looking into her eyes and doing the lovely things but it was obvious that he was in pain because she never looked at him, not even during dancing or dinner. When we clink the glasses for a kiss, she would get pissed and refuse to kiss him I have never been in a more awkward wedding, though, they lasted three months, I wished someone stopped her.

6. I was in my best friend’s wedding from high school: My friend was in a relationship with this guy for three years and they got engaged but eventually split, she got another guy that had all the qualities she wants in a man and they got engaged and move in together after six months but the guy passed away few months to their wedding. She was devastated and started wearing the engagement ring from her ex and she got married to the first guy despite several warnings, after nine months of marriage she wanted a divorce which happened after a year.

7. I was a bridesmaid for my ex-boyfriend sister: They still saw me as family so I agreed but it was a mess. She was wearing wedding-type lingerie before putting on her dress and she was taking $3xy selfies and was sending them to an ex, I told her maid of honour and we tried to intervene and repeatedly asked her if she really wanted to do this and she swore she wanted to get married which she did but the wedding was so weird and they divorced a year later.

8. I was a bridesmaid for a childhood friend who had been with her fiance since we were in middle school and everything that happened was so unexpected: My friend dragged me to a room the morning of her wedding and tells me she is in love with me and she has always been but didn’t know what to do because the wedding was huge and expensive that she didn’t want to cancel it. I was already engaged at the time so I tried to calm her down telling her everything will be fine. The wedding went on and their marriage was fine for about two years until her husband came out.

9. I was in my older brother’s wedding as a bridesmaid: The wife was my friend so she had me and my sister as her bridesmaid, though, it was exciting but we were skeptical of the marriage lasting. I was friendly with her and I knew she was immature and constantly lashing out on people and even family members in public, she was so mean and I wondered if she does same to my brother. They have divorced since we went on a family vacation to a beautiful place and she decided that she was tired of it and locked herself in her bedroom until my brother agreed to leave the family on time and go home with her. The divorce was not messy and my brother is relieved and happy now.

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