Hey Modern Brides

How should you pick your bridal dress, do you have a clue? For many brides’s they know they want a strapless gown, some need sleeves etc. This is the first step to knowing the type of bridal dress you need the next would probably be the style, cut and fabric. Some brides are so happy with a lot of material to them the more material the merrier, some brides don’t care so much for a bulky piece, a simple silhouette is all they require.

There are also a lot more brides that want something different, they want their bridal dress to reflect theme’s  like the bohemian, fairy tale princess or feminist effect. It doesn’t matter which cut you want or what style and theme you would rather, everything has to do with preference and style but to achieve the ultimate look you have to follow certain steps and style guides. Below is a list of the style guides that would help you in choosing the right bridal dress for your big day;

1. Its important to choose a universally flattering silhouette, a silhouette that would flatter your waist line and accentuate your best features.

2. Its important to go for a bridal dress that shows your essence. Trends come and go but when you wear something you are pleased with you would always look back with a smile on your face.

3. Always have in mind that you might pass down your dress, it’s a sensible and sweet idea so go for something that anyone would be glad to have.

4. Having a wedding Icon gives you the much needed inspiration so its important to have one.

5. Lace is ultimate and would always be a lovely fabric so if you are a lace person then go for a lace wedding dress that uniquely speaks to you.

6. You can go for other colors like a red dress, a pink baby doll dress… They are the best colors other than white.

Below are some modern day brides and their dresses are inspiring take a look;


The Simple Bride

Hello World

The Princess Bride


The Modern Bride


The Fairy Tale Bride


The Modern Bride


The New Day Bride


The Old School Bride


The Minimalist Bride


The New Day Bride in Details


The Court Room Bride

This wedding dresses are inspirational and perfect.

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