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Its the month of July, and its another month to be stylish and classy. For those who still do not understand minimalist fashion here’s a brief explanation. A minimal style is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity, this is not to say the minimalist cannot be artistic and creative. Minimalist are creative but their creativity is so simply and that’s what makes it attractive.

When it comes to fashion, there are times when the minimalist fashion becomes so attractive, this is because they change with the social trends of every period. Many women in their 30’s to 40’s are minimalist because the minimal style makes them look mature, natural and in charge of their world but who’s to say you can’t rock the minimalist style at 20? The world is changing and the styles are getting simpler, artsy and attractive. One thing I deeply appreciate about the minimalist of 2016 is their love for neutral palette’s (thank you Kim K), clean lines and cuts, but considering the month we are in (July is always associated with floral, linens and bright colors), neutrals would only make you seem dull and bland.

Below is a list of the minimalist girl’s style guide to slaying in the month of July:

Mini Dress

Yes’s it simple, yes it has color, we are after all in the month of July and it wouldn’t hurt to be fun and minimal at the same time.



Hello World

Two Tones

Colors aren’t a minimalist strongest point, they prefer the neutral and calm tones. White and grey are the perfect neutrals to rock this month, they complement each other well.


Two Piece

Rather than looking for the perfect top to your pants or the perfect bottom to your blouse, you can opt for a matching two piece solid colored outfit.



Maxi-Dress and Sneakers

This is the ultimate minimalist look and the beauty is the fact that it is trending as we speak, everyone in the world seems to be into this trend and we are loving it.

Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor


Monochrome isn’t just black and white its about wearing the same color and tone from the color palette and as a minimalist this should be one of your ultimate looks.

Ashley Madewke

Ashley Madewke

Loose Jumpsuit

Minimalist girls are known for their loose/free clothing’s. A one piece jumpsuit is the ultimate casual look for the month of July

Monica Etuk

Monica Etuk

The above are the minimalist girl’s style guide to slaying in the month of July, they are tips and tricks to pull of the ultimate minimalist look this month. Go through it once again and get ready to shop the right pieces.

What do you think?

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