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Its only natural if you desire to look glam on the first day of the work week, and what better way to do this than getting your make-up right. This week your make-up to work should resonate a fierce and aggressive approach but remember that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to your work make-up application.

One of the don’ts include false eyelashes, now we love false eyelashes because it makes our eyes pop but if the eyelashes don’t look natural or they are the stick on lashes then you would have to skip them because for starters it would be unethical to cause a distraction at work because you have on false lashes that fell off during a meeting and 2 unnatural looking lashes are just ODD.

One of the do’s is the faux glow and mastering this look is key. The faux glow gives you a dewy look and the key to achieving this is highlighting with and blending your bronzer into your hair line.

When it comes to your everyday makeup there are so many do’s and don’t but this week its all about your mood and I want to believe you want a make-up look that would make your eyes pop. If you work in a creative industry or a semi-strict work environment then this make-up tutorial is for you.


Hello World

I chose this make-up video because it is a really relaxed and breezy look

I hope this makeup video from YouTube Channel Ktura Kay has inspired you.

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