The Owambe culture is such a beautiful thing, so much that there are songs written about this Nigerian Culture. There’s something about attending one of these Lagos parties; the ambiance, the energy, the fun lets not forget the food and the music all of this just makes one filled with life.

The Lagos party scene is also a place where there is a huge “show them” attitude. At these parties, you must understand that while you are there to have fun, you must also make sure that you have the right pieces. so that “they would know you showed up”. Nobody wants to be faded, everyone wants to stand out, they want to look like a priced possession, therefore this week we’ve selected some of the trending and latest aso ebi styles everyone is talking about.

When people can’t get enough of something you should know that its a thing of beauty. Scroll through to find these latest aso ebi styles:


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Just think of all the dancing you wold be doing at that owambe party while your outfit is shinning and popping. The though is such a beautiful one isn’t it. Don’t waste time now, pick up that phone and give your tailor the green light to go ahead and turn your fabric into one of these pieces of art.

These are the latest aso ebi styles… Tell us which one these styles you would be rocking at the next owambe | Leave your comments down below.

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