Its almost unbelievable that the key to receiving a raise at work might actually be working less. Now this is the theory behind two popular organizational psychology concepts which are Detachment and Segmentation. Now quite a number of studies have actually been carried out by professionals and researchers and according to one performance management researcher “Detaching is when an individual stops thinking about work, disengaging mentally from work… and switches off work related problems and matters but also from the work aspects which are positive”.


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Now according to a bit of research some researches argue that people who are able to detach themselves from work are less fatigued, recover better from stresses, sleep well and are in better moods. Now as for segmentation, it is the ability to separate one’s personal life from work i.e you separate every other aspect of your life from the job.Now researchers say being segmented is healthier than blurring the lines between work and personal life, some even believe having the ability to detach completely from work is better for your career.

Now A recent study showed that people who took more vacation time, e.g people who took 10 vacation days in a year had a reduced chance of getting a race or bonus, this is in comparison to the people who took more than 10 days of vacation. The logic behind this study is that the people who recharge their batteries tend to perform more at work than people that are constantly tired.

Now this all tells you that both detachment, segmentation and working out are the best levers to maximizing energy. So be wise and make sure you refresh to be more productive at work. This study has proven that the key to a raise is actually taking a break and refreshing your mind, body soul and spirit. This break would help you focus better and look at things differently since nothing would be clouding your senses and you would not be exhausted.

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