The Jean Fad – Celebrities Bring Sexy Back!


The hamattan is gradually receding, but the jean is still and always in fashion. Every time, everywhere and anytime. The great beauty about jean is the fact that it never goes of fashion. It’s always there, you can just combine it with a flowery shirt or crop top and you’re good to go. Everybody has a pair of jean, it’s not like I know everybody’s
wardrobe but I know that much.

There’s the boot-cut jeans which by the way isn’t for the old alone, even as youth, wearing a pair of jean with a fitted top, use a big buckle belt and top it up with clogs. That’s a look you can go visiting with or a hangout with the girls. I once read in article that wearing skinny jean and putting your phone/wallet at the back pocket enhances your hips and makes it swing nicely. Get what I mean? There’s the cut-off jean,3/4,ankle,skinny and so on and so forth.


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Basically, jean is an all event wear. Donning a blazer with a pair of jean and the right shoes and you are ready to go to work. It’s no longer a Saturday thing anymore. Jean, with the right combo i.e. tops, belt ,accessories and shoes is complete for a get-together with friends, a hangout or a meeting. However, wearing the right pair of jean to suit your frame is important.

The bold and beautiful isn’t left out as they can rock jean too, matching it with the right kind of top though, preferably flannel shirts. The color blend is an added advantage as you get to wear different shades of jean to match your bag or even your accessories.
If I continue with the advantages of jean, I’ll probably write beyond the space allotted.

One final word about jean, its comfortable, we sometimes. Wear what we shouldn’t based on some factors, but if you’re looking for the most comfortable clothes you can don’t for a events, especially the leisure ones, don on a pair of jean. Wear your perfect fit!

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