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August and September are the two months that we term as the “holiday months” and that’s because kid’s are out of school on a break thus parents can take time off to spend with their children however this doesn’t make this the best period to travel because things are 100% on a high.

For travelers finding the right guide on what time period to choose or any other decision that needs to be made is very essential, however getting the information can be a little bit tricky. There’s a solution as an Instagram page with over 20000 followers has been opened to answer some of the questions that you need.

Grace a Nigerian woman living abroad opened her IG page to help travelers make the right decision based on her own experiences. Thanks to her a lot of people have been able to save themselves the trouble, here’s an example of what we mean as we would be sharing her Mauritius experience down below;

VISA FREE DESTINATION IN VIEW: MAURITIUS. (slide to see more) For me Mauritius is one of those visit once and never go there again type destination😔. And my experience at border control didn't help either, I spent 30 + minutes explaining to the immigration office what I wanted to do in the country. For a minute I almost felt like I was playing 21 questions with the officers, why are you here? Where will you be stay? Why do you live in Dubai? What do you do? 🙄. I was so angry because at some point I was the only person left at border control surrounded by about 7 Indian immigration officials. (Yes! Indian, there's a lot of people there with Indian heritage). . . After what seemed like forever they finally stamped my passport, I collected my passport to check the stamp, I saw 7 days boldly written and circled, I could almost see the condescending "just in case your eye is paining you" from the circle. Shoo!!!🙄, just 7days? The last time I had to answer this many questions , I was given admission to study a course for 4 years in the university😂😂. I finally bought a SIM card to call my friend and lament, can you believe this country that looks like a full stop on the map gave me 7 days😳😂. . . The ride from the airport to the hotel was about one hour, I was almost grateful to not see any beach/water (I was coming from Seychelles, my eyes don see water taya🙄), I met the warmest staffs at the hotel and my airport pickup was nice enough to stop at the supermarket to get supplies including bottled water(no expensive hotel bottle water needed😏). It's funny how little acts of kindness helps you feel better about negative experiences in a new place. Apart from the airport experience, my stay in Mauritius was perfect. Although for me it's not a place I will visit again. WHAT TO BRING 1. Passport (obviously😜) 2. Return ticket print out 3. Hotel booking. 4. Yellow card. 5. Light clothing/warm summer clothes. 6. As much patience as you can afford. Mauritius is a beautiful country but I doubt I will be visiting again. For more on what do in Mauritius and how to plan your vacation visit

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You just don’t get holiday tips, you get other guidelines and options that involve moving out of the country as a legal immigrant.

Source: Glory’s Instagram – @nigerianabroad 

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