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Happy democracy day! is in order...

Today we celebrate the freedom that comes with being and living in a democratic country. Being in a semi free world comes with a lot of responsibility and at the most you are allowed to have your basic human right. Although there was a decency bill that was brought to the house of senate, it wasn’t passed as it was realized that it would infringe on one’s human right.

What does this decency bill have to do with us in fashion? Very simple, it would put a wall in creativity, imagine if such bill was actually passed, it simply meant people who are in charge would put up such a fuss and arrest those that they seem unworthy… this thought makes me shiver.

Now that we are still within our rights to look good, we can go all out… Being Nigerians having the loudest (in a good way of cause) outfit at an event is part of who we are as a people. We celebrate each others success in grand style and this believe is the ideology that promotes the aso ebi styles.

Within the limits of attending a ceremony, there is the need to showcase your trendy side because where else can you… This reason is why we’ve also done well collect styles that we know would make you the talk of the party.

Once again, we are bringing you the hottest aso ebi styles from the past weekend. There’s always something new, something to learn, no matter how many times you go through a collection of aso ebi styles you’ll most certainly find something new;

Lets show you some of the hot stuff we’ve collected in this aso ebi styles gallery below:


Hello World



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Lovely in @divalukky


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