The Grey Tint: Latest 2015 Hairstyle Trend


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Last week we brought you the green ombre hair effect, This week we are diving into the hair trend of 2015, the grey tint. I have to say the grey tint is absolutely gorgeous not only because it gives a fierce look but also because of its sexy appeal.

Celebrity inspiration

Everybody loves seyi shay on grey hair if you ask me she look’s best on gray hair, here she has on a short wavy grey weave. Absolutely gorgeous.

Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

Hello World

How do i get the grey tint?

Getting the grey tint of any tint at all is quit easy but we must be aware that a tint is much more permanent than any other form of dying because they don’t wash out, not for a long period at least. Tints come in different forms like creams, gels and liquids with better performance and conditioning compared to other dyes.

Using tints since its permanent is safer because it doesn’t over process but you must remember to touch it up every once in a while because of under growth as that would reveal the true color of your hair. The downside to tint is when it comes to reversing the hair color, as it can prove very difficult.

What other ways can i get the grey hair color?

You can use weaves this way you would achieve the ombre effect, but if you want  more natural look, rather than tinting your hair permanently you can try the following:

Semi/Temporary Hair Color

Semi/temporary hair colors come in gels, creams, mousses, liquids etc they are mostly a type of color that shampoo over 25 -30 washes.The best thing about temporary hair color is that they do not damage the hair as they sometimes oat the cuticle of the hair protecting it from harmful heat and sun appliances. They are also great in adding shine and vibes to the hair.


One thing you should know about bleaching is that it permanently lightens your hair so it is not advisable for people with really light hair. Bleaching comes in many forms like gels for scalp application note that gel causes the least damage and powders. Bleaching process is really simple but its a harsh process which can cause damage if it stays too long on your hair. Bleach is usually mixed with an activator which helps to dilute the color molecules into the hair shaft therefore bleaching needs to be done by an expert who watches closely and helps to evaluate the time frame so as not to leave it in for too long.


Here are some grey tint hairstyle to inspire you.

Grey Looks

Grey Looks

#1. Grey braids

Rather than tinting your hair you can try out grey braids. you would still look fabulous and maintain your hair color at the same time.

Grey Braids

Grey Braids

#2. Grey Pixie

I love this short frisky pixie look. This is another look that can be achieved without tinting, bleaching or dying your natural hair.

Grey Pixie

Grey Pixie

#3 Long Under Cut

This look is a grey ombre inspired, achieve a semi natural look by adding weave to your under cut hairstyle.

Under Cut

Under Cut

#4. Short Bob

I love this look, its so trim a short bob with a side haul. Achieve this with a good weave and an extremely good hairstylist.

Bob with a haul

Bob with a haul

#5. Grey and Kinky

This look is simple to achieve, get a Grey kinky weave and attach to your natural hair. No need to bleach, tint or dye temporary or permanently.

Grey and Kinky

Grey and Kinky

6. More Natural

I love this look best. To achieve this look tint, bleach or temporary dye your hair grey but not from the root, just a little way off. Add a full wavy weave to your hair. note that you can achieve this by tinting the front and back only, you don’t have to tint your entire hair.

Grey Tint

Grey Tint

would you try out the grey hairstyle? i know i would

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