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Regular makeup comes with all the freedom in the world. It advises you to use whatever works for you. Maybe that’s a full face of mineral foundation, matte liquid lip with non-waterproof mascara and brow gel, all set with powder. This sounds like you really know what you are doing, but there’s always a but, trust me.

Let’s talk about the seasons in Nigeria! Of course we have only rainy and dry season, but we Nigerians, simply as a result of copying all that the white man does, can no longer do without technically including summer into one of the seasons in Nigeria. Having accepted this, summer doesn’t have to mean no makeup; it just means a different kind of makeup. Yes! Different makeup with probably more long lasting products. Products that the sun can never tamper with, such that your makeup would still look as though it was done in the rainy season.

Summer is full of wonderful things, but melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. What then are the best makeup tips for summer, or, how do you do your glammed-up makeup perfectly, keeping it looking fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against you?

Summer makeup

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Youtuber and makeup artist popularly known as Ronke Raji simply shows us how in this video below;

Source: Ronkeraji

The beautiful Make up artist, Ronke Raji shows us how to achieve this lovely, clean make up look. This look is perfect for the summer and so simple to achieve. You too can try yours by creating that Glammed-up makeup that will automatically turn you into a Sun goddess. the summer makeup is indeed possible!

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