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“I’ve never gotten any complaint from a man, head wraps can be sexy too” Sanaa Lathan 

Lagos is the fashion destination, everything about trends starts here before it seeps into other parts of the country. In Africa, when fashion is mentioned Nigeria and the city of Lagos are on the top list for various reasons;

The people of Eko, love to look good and they also love to stay relevant which are the two things that fashion provides. The people of Lagos are also creative and they are curious and because fashion is a form of art, they get to express themselves through this medium.

Fashion didn’t just come to Lagos or Nigeria as a whole, somewhere in the history books we were already fashionable, although it was more of separating the economic classes, but it was fashion nonetheless.

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One of the well known trend back in historical days was the head wrap (gear) or what we popularly call the Gele. High society women attending high class function used to adorn the Gele, it was and still is an accessory. While the fabrics used to tie the Gele and the styles may have changed, the concept is still the same.

It is believed that a woman would look incomplete without her Gele and this belief is still held on even till this day and thus the “Gele situation”.

Planning to head to a party this weekend? We recommend that you watch this Gele tutorial video. Remember to apply what you’ve learnt, also keep in mind this words “practice makes perfect”.

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