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Sometimes being a woman is not peachy, you have to shave here and there. In Africa there’s really no season where your legs are covered, the cold weather is bearable over here hence there are days even during the harmattan where you walk around without tights. This however does not help our plight simply because we can’t take a break from shaving (note, not everyone in this part care for shaving, this article is for those who do)


Hello World

Imagine you are getting ready for a date and you want to shave your legs and you find out there is no shaving cream, wax etc somehow you didn’t notice your canister was empty. Well this food would come to your rescue.

What you need: A new razor blade and peanut butter (Its not only yummy but useful, this gets my nod of approval).

Next step to follow: Shaving your legs has to be done in the shower, so get in, layer a thin piece of peanut butter on your leg and shave away. Well at least slowly and carefully because the blade would get clog a lot so you have to rinse thoroughly each time.

The reason I think you may try it: If you urgently need to have your legs shaved and there is no normal gel lying around then the peanut butter is the best bet plus it doesn’t hurt that it has high oil content which is extra-hydrating and the fact that it works surprisingly well.

Disclaimer: Peanut butter can be used as a last resort only because it is incredibly messy, although it gets the job done it can be exhausting.

Well this is the food you can use to shave your legs… How many of you would try this? Let me know leave your comments in the comment box below.

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