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Mums are often faced with the challenge of making up very fast, especially when the baby also has to dress up very fast, with dad hurrying her up on the other side. Well, this is typical of most mums, especially in Nigeria. You hardly see mum’s makeup being on flick, except she has got all the time in the world to multi-colour correct and contour like a Kardashian.

Although some mums might want to overlook their faces, feeling they are already beautiful thus, they need no much admiration from others aside their hubbies. Well, this is why the article is being put up, whatever be your reason.

Makeup tutorial

Makeup tutorial

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In such cases, you need a makeup tutorial. You need to learn time management in this case, and go for quality products that wouldn’t kill much of your time when trying to apply them. Simply put, you need to use some hero products to get the five-minute face you’ve always wanted to ace. Learn how best you can use five key products in clever ways, to save you time and space in your beauty bag.

Here, you would learn how to use foundation as a concealer, so there’s absolutely no need for separate products, bronzer to warm up the skin and contour the cheeks and eyes, eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow, mascara that replaces the need to use lash curlers and black liner with the tight-line technique, and lipstick which can also be used in place of blusher.

Watch and learn from this video:

 Source: Valerie Rowekamp

I trust this makeup tutorial for mums could be absolutely helpful. No more excuses please!

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