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Ending a relationship is hard and it has a very big effect on the mind and soul, whether the relationship lasted for three days or three years break ups will still leave us heartbroken, lost or even physically ill.Many people often ask why do breakups hurt so badly even when you saw it coming. Breakup is painful because it feels like you lost something precious and also shared dreams and commitment and when this dreams fail we feel disappointed and in grief, but your ability to pass through this difficult time and learn from your experience will make you a better,stronger and wiser person.


Hello World

I need your advice,i have been with the father of my son for 8 years now & in these years we have had ups & downs. our son is 5 years and since nursery i have been paying for his school fees, feeding allowance &transport his now in grade grade 1 but still he doesn’t want to take the responsibility. i moved in with him in 2014 hoping his going to change &
made plans of getting  married  but he still leaves it to me to pay fees &all that is needed for our son all he does is buy food & when i ask him ofmarriage he gets upset & tells me to hug on the same words he told me 4years ago. 2 weeks ago i discovered that his been communicate with his Ex, he drinks a lot & his never home even when his not working he lives home as early as 05:30 or 06:00 hours where he goes he doesn’t say, when i question him he gets upset and only comes home at night. i love this man but his not changing so last week end i moved out of his house. My relative have always told me to move on but Am confused on what to do please advice.

Dear worried

There is no relationship that doesn’t go through ups and down but the ability of both partners to make amends and think of the future will always triumph over every ups and down. Eight years is really a long time to wait for a man despite him not meeting up to his responsibilities. What were the words he told you four years ago? It is very glaring that he has a skeleton in his cupboard. Its very easy for him to go back to his ex and marry her, You would agree with me that marriage better defines a relationship between a man and a woman and if the relationship is not leading anywhere then there is no point been in such relationship.

You can talk to him heart to heart get to know his reasons for getting upset each time he hears of the marriage issue and if he still insist on what he told you four years ago then you just have to quit and move on, if he really loves you and cares for his son he will come looking for you two.

Hey darlings,this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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