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Increasing amount of fashion designers tend to use Ankara fabrics in their job for creating mother and daughter Ankara styles! This trend isn’t new to us anymore, as it is a welcome development. Come to think of it; just take a scenario where you have an eleven year old daughter who already has eyes on your makeup purse! What this implies is that she would want to wear some makeup as like you someday. If it happens that it is your outfits she usually concentrates on, that calls for an immediate twinning; your window of opportunity for twinning, that is, dressing the same as your kid, is a very narrow one. In fact, once your child hits four or five, it’s all over, so take advantage of that key time when they want to be just like mum or dad.

Taking a closer look at the society, you’d notice that for quite a while, dressing your child as a mini-me seems not to have been out of vogue, meaning that for such a trend to have survived till this time, there’s the possibility of it lasting for eternity. Lately we have noticed a trend towards what’s often hash-tagged on Instagram as #twinning with key fashion releases by some brands. Besides, we’ve done our research to see which mum is twinning with her kids lately. It’s a lot of fun, a novelty for anyone who comes across you and a bonding opportunity with your child.

Here are the eye-popping parents and kids Asoebi styles you should see;

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

Trust me, parents and kids Asoebi styles could be fun all the way!

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