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The crochet braids is super fun when you have it on. Its the perfect protective hairstyle if you want something different from box braids or twist. The crochet braids are gorgeous once you have them installed, they make you look different because of the volume they add to your facial feature, this however becomes a bother when its time to take it out.

When the day comes where you have to uninstall them you have to be really careful so that you don’t go and damage your hair you’ve been protecting so you have to go about uninstalling it as safely as possible.

Usually the process for installing a crochet braid involves inserting the attachment into your natural hair which must have been plaited into cornrows, once you insert and bring the attachment to the other end, you proceed to knotting it in a special way so they don’t come off.

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Now this part is where you have to be really careful so its either you go back to the salon or stylist who made the hair in the first place or you get a family member to help you out;

Watch this video to see one of the ways you can take out a crochet braids yourself

In this method all you need is a scissors and a mirror.

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