Once you make the choice of attending church, there is an expectation. This expectation reflects the morals and standards of that particular church you would be attending. Particular in the last sentence is an important word, due to several denominations of churches around, doctrines are preached different; for example, some churches allow that one’s hair be covered while others are un-bothered with what you do concerning covering your hair.

Differences like the above are important to note. Granted the standard of dressing has changed over time, the new generation are carving out their own stories however many churches believe strongly in the term “Sunday Best” as well as “Modesty”.

Before you offend anyone in church this Sunday, here are a few tips on how to go about dressing…

* Modesty doesn’t eliminate being fashionable, although spaghetti straps and tank tops are a no, you can look absolutely fantastic and stylish without over exposing yourself.

* Bumper shorts etc anything that is not appropriate for work shouldn’t be worn to church- showing off your body sends a bad signal and it also makes others uncomfortable.

* You should also stair clear of any form of attire that is extremely transparent

While the tips are quite helpful you would also nee visual aid, here are some ideas that would work well for church this Sunday, please note that you can tweak this ideas however you want.

The Dreamy Yet Appropriate Look For Church This Sunday |Look-Book


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Keep your look simple and neat; yes you are allowed to wear jewelry to but make sure its the type that doesn’t reflect in people eyes.

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