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Finding white flakes on your hair can be really daunting not to talk about the discomfort that comes with it, dry itchy scalp is not something to joke around with. So if you find this white flakes in your hair or on your clothes then you know its time to get into battle mode and here are the do’s and don’ts during this activities;


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  1. The first do is to find out if you really have dandruff, what is the difference between dandruff and dry scalp hair? Dry scalp usually leaves dry tiny whitish flakes and they always come off easily while dandruff’s flakes are bigger and they don’t come off easily.
  2. Dandruff’s do not go off on its in, you have to follow the correct steps and formula and one of the best ways is to fight dandruff using anti-dandruff shampoo’s which are specially formulated to eliminate visible flakes, get rid of dandruff and keep your scalp from drying out.
  3. If you are into natural and home remedies you can dry a natural remedy for removing dandruff’s at home. The advantage of using home remedies is that all of your ingredients are fresh and haven’t been processed so the anti bacteria fighting agents that can be found in this natural ingredients are at its peak. E.g of this natural ingredients include, apple cidar vinegar, tea tree oil, coconut oil etc


  1. Don’t think dandruff is contagious, its a common misconception that Dandruff’s can spread from one head to another meanwhile in reality everyone is prone to developing dandruff’s because the bacteria that causes dandruff’s can be found in every hair.
  2. Don’t scratch your scalp, indeed this is easier said than done because you want to itch your head when it feels itchy but try not to give in because scratching an already inflamed scalp would only make it worse.
  3. Don’t leave your hair wet, after washing make sure you dry it properly because wet is susceptible to damage, breakage and itchy scalp. So make sure your hair is properly dry before packing in a bun or going to bed.

This are simple Do’s and Don’ts you should follow to avoid and get rid of itchiness caused by this bacteria.

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