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Am going to start by saying women are blessed, really we are powerful and strong and we still have to make everything work down there. One thing I appreciate about our vagina is the fact that it was built to handle any thing from self-cleaning to bringing out a 7 pound baby (whew).


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Even though we know this fact there is never satisfactions to keep everything natural, we always want a few tweaks here and there. So am sure we’ve all heard of Brazilian and vjazzling (adding bling to your vjayjay) well if you think this are crazy then this beauty treatments would keep your mouth open;

Although some of this treatments are useful as they do help a gal out but some are just outrageous really, Here’s a list, take a look and gasp:

Genital Dye

Okay so this is for your clueless partner who doesn’t know how to find your clits. The product ‘My new pink button’ says it promises to bring back the natural color of your genitals (they forget this body part comes in different colors). Well if you must, then you can help that clueless partner by dying your clits pink. Next…


Pubic Hair Cream

Since the advent of the Brazilian Wax, there have been many hairless vjayjay’s but for those who would prefer a more natural appearance then fur makes a cream that’s said to soften your hair, it also claims to prevent ingrown hair I say this is for ladies who wants to say bye bye to post waxing bumps.

Pubic Hair Dye

For older women who want to match their hair to their pubic hair region (women who have grey pubic hair) there’s a special dye you can use to transform your pubic hair.

Steam Bath

Well naturally you can find steam baths in some countries but the craziest thing is the creation of a special Vagina steam bath spa (really). Well they say it cleanses your uterus. Am uncomfortable already moving on…

More not Less

Believe it or not, using pubic hair wigs was a thing of the past originally created during the outbreak of crabs ( women were modest back then so a bald vagina would mean you’ve got crabs…). Well I think this would be good for people who had a Bad Brazilian Wax.

Lets go Skin Deep

If there is a special event coming up (Red carpet or your Vulva is meting someone special for the first time). There is a special vajacial (vagina facial) to make it glow and keep it radiant. Well this would be for people who suffer ingrown hair, wax burns and anything that dulls that spot.

Glue It Together

This is perhaps the craziest and its for the gal with confidence to wear skin tight clothes but is afraid of her labia showing (camel toes). This adhesive (camel toe guards) claims to make the camel toe obscure.

The products can be found on Amazon.

If you had to pick one of this crazy beauty treatment which one would it be? Share with us in the comment section below.

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