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Nail art can change our lives whether you believe it or not but there are some nail arts that are just so ridiculous that we don’t understand why they attract people in the first place. We love our nails trimmed and primed and kept in check and we also love to keep up with the latest nail trends but there are some nail trends that just had to go;

Here are some of the craziest nail trends that should never make it to the mainstream again We don’t want to see them!!!

1.Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are cool but what are these? this is a weapon of mass destruction, should she be carrying this without a license? There is such a thing as moderation ma’m…

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails

Hello World

2.Bubble Nail

Really, the more I stare at this picture the more upset I become, why would you subject your nails to this kind of torture? How do you go about your daily routine? Next!!!

3. Snow Globe nail

Not interested, uninteresting. Its certainly a no from me Bye Felicia!

꽃을든?사진도찍어주시고 관리중 사진찍게해주셔서 감사해요?. …….. .#아쿠아네일 ?#꿀팁 공유 자세한 과정은 #샤르망네일 #유튜브 채널에 ?동영상 올려드릴꺼예요 ..문의가 많기도햇고..정보알려드렷을때 진심으로 감사해하셨던분 덕분에 뿌듯하기도햇고…(그래도 동영상까지 공유하는게 좋은짓인지 … 음..?..많이 도움됏다는 후기가 많으면 또 뿌듯할것같긴한데 없으면…창피하니깐. ..조용히. 지워야지?) . . .#스노우볼네일 #워터볼네일 #봉봉파츠 #젤네일 #젤아트 #젤#네일스타그램#네일#네일아트#アクアリウムネイル #ネイル#ネイルアートデザイン #ネイルアート#ネイルデザイン #nailart #nail #aquanails #aquariumnails #youtube #가로수길네일#가로수길네일샵

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4. Duck Feet Nails

The tears can’t stop coming, why would any one want to do these? why would you pay for this #wondering

5. Aquarium Nails

Okay lets be real, this are amazing but they remind you of the annoying bubbles on your screen that you are certainly Over. So why bother…. Moving on

Who want to see new Aqua nails

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6. And here is the nail art they say is taking over 2016 (Shuts the front door), thanks to Jan Arnold CND style director. Thanks but no thanks.

Fur Nails

Fur Nails

Seriously, the trends just get crazier but please:



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This nails are criminal, which one did you try? Admit it by sharing the name of the craziest nail trend you’ve ever tried in the comment box below.

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