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Two weeks ago we brought you skin care tips and instagram baddie makeup and hair tutorial from beauty and fashion vlogger beautybyjj (beauty by Jenny Jenkins). Now most of you do not understand what the term instagram baddie means or what an instagram baddie is actually all about, according to the urban dictionary an instagram baddie is a person is who instagram famous for being beautiful, spreading trends, having on point brows and unspoken confidence etc.

First off I would say, pictures are worth a thousand words and that is why celebrities and fashion enthusiast or influencers take the gram really seriously. Many people have become famous because of the things they put up on instagram and this opened so many other doors of opportunity for them (I see yo are getting the picture now).


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Self advertisement is everything, and that is the reason why its important to take the gram seriously especially if you want to become a fashion and style influencer. Remember who better to advertise you than to advertise yourself so below is my two cents on the complete guide on how to become an instagram baddie.

1. Get a good Camera or a Phone with an amazing camera

Okay being an instagram baddie without a good camera is like a cabbie without a car. This means they go hand in hand, since you want to put yourself out there you best make sure to make it great.

2. Your Makeup, Hair, Fashion and skincare

Like the definition said everything has to be on fleek but not necessarily flawless, so make sure you get it right but what you are selling is also your personality. As an instagram baddie you have to be creative because this is what makes you a trend setter.

3. Post cool videos

There is nothing as cool as getting to know people through what they post and video’s always give more insight and make the individual relatable. So post cool videos from your snap chat unto the gram to be relateable.

4. Take Cool Photo’s.

So the fact that you have a great camera is good but you need to know when to take pictures and how to take pictures. The best tip is to take pictures with confidence and under the best possible lighten.

5. Self Love and Confidence

Its important to have self love literally, if you don’t your pictures would definitely tell. One of the things most instagram baddie’s have learnt is how to love who they are and how to be confidence. Since nobody is perfect you have to love yourself before anyone can love you.

This are just a few tips, do you have more to add? Share with us in the comment section below.

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