The Comeback of African Tatoos at Nigerian Weddings


This is popularly known as ‘laali’. To say Africans didn’t have any form of fashion or tattoo before modernization came is a lie. We had our fashion, our style and even our combination wasn’t terrible. Modernization has come to modify the styles we had before it came. Laali is one major one, contrary to opinions about this African tattoo, it has remained a profound touch when it comes to dress up.


Before now, it was only common with the Northern parts of Nigeria, however every part of Nigeria has adapted this beauty pattern. I remember a folk lore I read once upon a time, the man who comes to ask for the lady’s hand in marriage has to find answers in the pattern drawn on parts of her body. If he doesn’t get the answer, then he doesn’t get the girl. Imagine that now



Laali sometimes has a message and can be decoded by those who can. however, its beauty can’t be emphasized enough. There is aura that surrounds a bride for example when she has beautiful patterns drawn on her hands, legs and sometimes the belly. It’s a beautiful add up to your wedding/event make-up. It brings out the color of your skin and highlights your


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This beauty tip can be adapted by anybody, some of the patterns are deep, complicated and full while some are just simple enough to give a hint. Any of these style can be adapted to suit your occasion. Check out the pictures below.


Don’t you just feel like getting one? good news too, it can be temporal or permanent. You can choose to have it on permanently or just for that special occasion. It’s even drawn on cakes, you can drop a message for that person through it. WOW!


Do something different, try Laali.

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